Review: Covergirl 715 Stunning Smokeys Eyeshadow Quad

As us female get older we tend to gravitate more towards department store, and specialty store makeup and forget about our old drug store beauty buys. Because of this I was excited to try out Covergirl's 715 Stunning Smokeys Eyeshadow Quad, to try and find one of those holy grail products for a more affordable price. Kind of like BA Star's Magical Deep Plum Eyeshadow

I think the packaging on this eyeshadow quad looks quite nice, and fairly sophisticated. It has a clear front (making it easy to see the products) and a black back. Included is an applicator sponge. The colors go from a shimmer peach to a warm light brown, to a blue grey and finish with black.  I don't like though that I can't find the individual names to each of the 715 Smokeys Eyeshadow Palette. Not even on the Covergirl website. So if you really love one color you have to buy the set again?

Verdict: This quad palette can really create the "perfect" smokey eye. The light shimmer color isn't opaque but has a ton of sparkle and each of the darker colors put off a lot of color. They blend well and should be able to last you all day. For a $6 set I have to say I'm impressed. 

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