Review: Cloud9 Blemish Control Moisturizer

Maybe its from stress, maybe it's because it's summer, or maybe even hormones but I keep getting these little acne breakouts that I can't seem to do anything about. I use things like clean and clear most days but I've been looking for something more to deal with whatever my current issue is. So when the people at Cloud9 offered to send me their blemish control moisturizer, of course I said yes. 

This Cloud9 product comes in a small one ounce white plastic container. On the top is a push down dispenser that's quite easy to use. It has a drawn picture of the sun and clouds that reminds me of the mountain sunrise in Hawaii. The color is a pure white and it has a bit of a herb smell. 

Verdict: I was a little skeptical about a natural way to get rid of acne but this Cloud9 product works great. It immediately reduces redness and irritation and with regular application works wonders. Plus it does moisturize my skin without any weird residue. 

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