Review: B Naturals Foaming Facial Cleanser

Summer seems to be an awful time for my skin. Not only do I have to worry about sun damage (I have been using Babyganics to combat this) but because of the warm weather my skin has been especially oily. I'm normally one to wash with soap and water but when B Natural Organics offered to send me their gentle foaming facial cleanser of course I said yes because I'm willing to do just about anything to keep the acne away. 

Unlike a lot of the skincare products I use this facial cleanser from B Natural has gender neutral packaging. A white bottle and grey lettering. On the top is a clear lid that covers the foam dispenser. Upon first using this B Natural product I was surprised at how much foam came out and the consistency is great. 

Verdict: This is great for sensitive skin it has a PH balance as well as not using sulfates. The olive oil reduces redness and the rosehip seed oil adds vitamins. Plus it feel nice on my skin. 

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