Review: B&C Home Goods Garment Bags

I'm not all that big on travel for fun but with my modeling work I've gotten to do a little bit while being paid. Packing is quite stressful, and this almost triples if you have formal events to go to while on your trip. So when I was given the opportunity to try out some breathable garment bags by B&C Home Goods I jumped at it. 

It seems like I've sort of become the Amazon product review queen and these Garment bags are no exception. Inside of the trademark Amazon Prime shipping box was a clear plastic. At first it took me a minute to figure out the B&C products were inside. Opening it up I saw that there are three Garment bags as well as one shoe protector. They're made out of an "almost fabric" material, and have a hanging place at the bottom as well as zipper running the whole length of the garment bag and a plastic peep window so you can see the clothes inside. 

Verdict: I'm actually quite happy with the B&C Garment Bags. I like that it came in a set of three and that they easily fit my clothing in. I do wish though they had added in two more shoe bags (since I'm storing three outfits) and I'm not quite sold on the material they used. The windows are genius though. 

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