Review: Azteca Gold Coconut Oil

As people learn more and more about the dangers of certain chemicals it's becoming in fashion to more to more natural products from food to clothing, and something I'm very familiar with, skin care.  So when the people over at Azteca Gold offered to send me their virgin coconut oil to try out of course I said yes. 

Like a lot of the natural and independent label beauty products this one is available on Amazon. It comes in a clear plastic 100 ml tube with a squeeze lid. On the front is the Azteca Gold name and a picture of a split coconut oil. The oil is clear and a pure liquid without scent. 

Verdict: I've always been a big fan of using shea butter, but it takes awhile to absorb which doesn't work if I'm in a rush. Azteca Gold Coconut oil goes into skin almost instantly and adds a ton of moisture. Plus with this small size I can just throw it in a bag and take it with me anywhere.  

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