Review: Asana Beauty Ultra Facial Moisturizer

Around this time of year my skin seems to start getting these small little pimples, especially around my forehead. The easy answer might seem to be that I should stop using moisturizers and use more my Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser but that doesn't work because my face still gets dried out, even if it's oily. So when the people at Asana Beauty offered to send me their Ultra Facial Moisturizer I figured it was worth a try. 

This lotion  comes in glass tub and has 4 fl oz of product in it. The bottle is clear with a white label around the middle that has black font and gold accents. Very simple and pleasing to the eye. The lid is a hard silver plastic twist off kind. Quite easy to use and the lotion inside is white.

Verdict: I'm always interested in a lotion that has things like Shea Butter, Green Tea and Jojoba in it. I previously loved the Asana Lightening Cream so I had high hopes for the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and it doesn't disappoint. It feels good going on and absorbs well without adding to the oiliness of my skin. 

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