Review: Asana Beauty Skin Lightening Cream

I'm all about skin care. If I can put something on my face and it'll help make me look better, of course I'm going to do it. So when I was offered to Asana Beauty Skin Lightening Anti-Aging Cream of course I said yes. I mean, it does claim to do two of my most desired things, lighten skin and reverse or repel aging. 

This amazon asian beauty product comes in a 4 fl oz tub that's white all over. It has the Asana Beauty name on the front as well as that this is a skin lightening and anti-aging product. On the top it has a twist off grey lid. The color is pure white and it has a slight smell. 

Verdict: This lotion although not thin, wasn't as thick as I expected. I always have high hopes for asian beauty products take the Yu-Be skincare set, but I was still impressed with Asana Beauty's Skin Lightening Cream. It's great for overall lightening or if you have prominent birth marks.  

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