Review: Anaiti for Celebrity Skin

 For awhile I'd been off of the whole skincare thing, you know just using soap and water, but I quickly noticed a not so good change in my skin. So of course I decided to switch back to using professional style products. Just in time for my return Anaiti sent me a few different skincare products of theirs to try out and share with you guys. Although they are a British company you can easily buy their products off Amazon which is great. I'm a big fan of this For Celebrity Skin line (at least what I've tried out) and am going to be keeping them around for awhile. 

 Age Defying Cream - In my time as a beauty blogger I've tried out quite a few different wrinkle creams so of course I was curious about the Anaiti version. It has a pleasant lotion smell, not the normal harsh anti-aging one, a pure white color, a medium texture and absorbs into skin within a minute or two. It makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. Perfect for mornings before makeup. 
 Instant Wrinkle Filling Serum - I have to admit, at first I was a little suspicious of this serum. I mean how can you instantly fill wrinkles without botox? The serum does have a bit of a chemical smell (nothing strong) and comes out in a clearish white. It absorbs into skin very quickly and did make my skin feel immediately fuller without any pain. 
 Advanced Moisturizing Cream - I have a lot of dry skin spots, so when a product says moisturizing and advanced in its name I'm immediately interested. It comes in a fancy glass bottle, and has a twist off lid. It smells similar to the Age Defying Cream which I quite like. This lotion is kind of thick and a pure white. That being said it does absorb into skin quickly (no weird residue or oily feeling) and gives a lot of moisture. Just remember not to use too much at a time. 
Luminous Serum - One of the easiest ways to look younger is to have glowing skin. Of course this meant the luminous skin product made for celebrity skin was something I NEEDED. I expected it to be clear and runny but its  actually a white product with some substance. It does take a little time to absorb into the skin but feels really good going on, and almost immediately I saw results. 
Advanced Line and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream - My first thought about this product from the Anaiti Celebrity skin line was that it would be harsh, and sting a little. That wasn't the case though. It is very thick, similar to butter and a bit hard to apply it actually feels nice on my skin and absorbs well. Plus it does a great job for my skin texture. 

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