Review: Aleratec 6 Port USB Charging Station

For a long time the only product that I had that charged with a  USB port was my iPhone. Since then though things like my Living Colors Mood Light have come along, which also use a USB port (with an attachment for the wall) so I can see things going to the USB more totally which is why I was excited when Alertec offered to send me their 6-Port 58 W USB AC Charger. 

This is another one of those cool products from Amazon which means payments and shipping are super easy. It arrives in a branded brown cardboard box (inside of the trademark Amazon shipping box) with a stick that includes instructions. Inside is the USB charger as well as a plug to put it into the wall. 

Verdict: I really like this Aleratec 6 Port USB Charging Station. Since I'm someone who's always loosing the adapter plug to my iPhone charger, its great. This Aleratec product is durable and lightweight plus since it's pretty small storage isn't a problem. 

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