Repurposing those Period Pads #RecycleYourPeriodPad

Before I go into my post lets talk a little about LBL starting with what exactly that stands for... Light Bladder Leakage. If you're in your teens and twenties this sounds like some sort of impossible thing but for women in their thirties and especially so beyond that, light bladder leakage can be a real problem. For those that have had kids even a bigger issue (so have some sympathy for your mom!). Often time these bladder leakages arise when laughing, coughing or sneezing. To protect themselves women have been using period pads for years, but now there are better options. 

Poise Thin Shaped Pads are specifically made for light bladder leakage, not for periods. Poise has them ranged from light to heavy so they're fit everyone's needs and they're available at just about any drug store and hypermarket. You can get a your free sample from Poise HERE ... and now for a few ideas on recycling your period pad. 

  • Use them as shoulder pads inspired by the 80's
  • As paper towels and basic kitchen spill cleaners
  • For coasters when guests come over

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