New Backpack, Physics, and a Blue Wig

 I feel like it's been forever since I've done an everyday life post, which is a little sad since that's what the majority of this blog used to be. However I figured I could take a few pictures throughout my day and share with you guys what I did today. My day started out about seven, when I quickly got ready, and went to school. Last night I had needlessly stated up until 2:30 (it was due at 8 a.m. doing homework that the professor later changed to be do at 8 p.m and helped us with in class.

I wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be and I did have my new Backpack in a Pocket by MERSEYLEA INTERNATIONAL. Its super durable, water resistant (I had to walk through the rain and none of my things were wet) and so cute. 

 Here's a picture of class, the first hour we work problems, and the second we listen to lecture. Since it's physics the class is already hard but it's especially hard because the class is in the early morning in a basement lecture room. 
 Afterwards I went off to study math for a little while before heading home. Also in the basement, so it also made me sleepy. However I was right next to an outlet which is a nice way to charge my computer and phone. 
 Once I was home I headed outside to pick gooseberries, of which there are a ton. I filled this whole colander and still have many berries left. It wouldn't be too big of a leap to think that I'm going to have a few new recipes featuring gooseberries coming up. 
 Now this is something I've been telling myself I need to do forever, set goals. This Tools of Wisdom Calendar made doing that super easy to do today, and with such a cute cover I don't mind carrying it around with me. 
The last photo is a bit of a fun one. I was experimenting with some makeup, a lot of Paula Dorf, fake eyelashes and of course that blue wig I have

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