My Jord Watch (it's wooden!)


 As my style has evolved I'm found my self starting to wear more simple clothes, whole colored pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and simple top is sort of becoming my uniform. To keep my look fun though I've started adding in cool jewelry pieces that are beautiful and unique. So when the people at Jord offered me watch of my choice I immediately went to their site and browsed the selection. Everything is beautiful, and the amount (and variety) of watches for men and women is fantastic. 

 After careful consideration, and some advice from a few friends I ended up picking the CORA SERIES in Lavender and Maple. Upon arrival it was carefully put in a wooden branded Jord box, something I thought was a nice touch as was the Jord pillow. However my favorite part was of course the watch, which is so much prettier in person than in any picture. 

It has a beautiful woodgrain on the band that's much more glamorous than the silicone/rubber bands of 2009. The face in Lavender has a pink tint (that I love) and a little sparkle that makes it all the more feminine. 
 They also fitted the watch for me, based on measurements I sent in, and included the extra pieces.
 What completely surprised me about this watch though is that it's automatic. I'd always associated this feature (which means no batteries) with watches in the thousands of dollars, and couldn't believe that Jord Wooden watches had this feature and are much more reasonably priced. Also very cool is the fact that they show what I like to call the watch's guts on the back as well as in a small insert in the face. 

I have to say that when Jord contacted me I knew I'd like their watch but I didn't know how much. My Lavender and Maple watch is unique, and gorgeous and I couldn't be happier with it. Since receiving it I've been wearing it almost daily. 

Be sure to check out the Jord Website and take a look at my watch
Wood Watches by JORD

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