Making a Fresh Garden Summer Salad

 You guys might have seen my State of the Garden last month in which I complained about not having any fruits or vegetables that were ready. Well, in less than a month that's completely changed, and everything from the herbs, to tomatoes, and even peaches are ripe. So I decided I could put together a vegan garden salad and show you guys how I made it since it turned out so well.

 The first step is getting the spinach ready. After taking it from the garden it was of course washed (it's amazing how dirty it is), and then put in this white strainer. After getting as much water off that way, the strainer was put into the main part of the salad spinner and then I just cranked the handle. This Kuuk spinner did an amazing job and in no time I had a little arm workout and completely dry spinach. Repeated with the iceberg lettuce which was bought in store not grown in my garden. 
 Then it was time for the Basil. I grow this in an herb area on my porch and just cut off a few leaves for the salad. After washing it I put it into the Kuuk mini pull chopper. Getting the blade positioned and the lid down was a bit hard but I quickly figured it out and from their preparing the basil was easy. Afterwards I added in some cut tomato and did one pull. Forgot to take a picture of that step though. 
Now for the only "challenging" part of making this fresh summer salad from my garden, the vinaigrette dressing. The first step is adding 1/3 red wine vinegar, followed by garlic powder (or minced garlic), then oregano (from my garden too!), a little salt and sugar, black pepper, finished with  oil. Then before serving just mix well. And that's it for the Fresh Garden Summer Salad. 

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