Life Photos: Summer School and Promotions

The first photo is of the vending machine at the school I was taking summer school in. Some poor person got a snack stuck, I've had it happen to me so I understand what it feels like. Then someone's notes I took a picture of, followed by my grocery cart full of junk food. Last in the row is a picture of a street that has the same name as a friend of mine. I meant to send it to them but forgot. 

Back when I was at my grandparents (remember my high low dress in the garden) I saw this nasty bug. Then three pictures of equipment at the school I was at over the summer. Seriously a joke, I can't believe I had to pay lab fees for it. At least the wires matched my Knocked Up Nails.

The last row starts with a picture of a Mac charger I had to buy because mine broke. Then some food coloring for an experiment and a picture of my old coach shoes. Finally one of the thousands of photos (I'm only slightly exaggerating) of my Bright Braum tree

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