How to Dress for a Picnic


I've talked about things like outfits for going to concerts and summer date night looks but up until now I haven't even mentioned an activity that I think is great for a summer date going on a picnic. For this outfit I wanted something that was more street style than my Hiking Outfit but still practical for a picnic. 

  • Top - I'm always on the lookout for a modest tank top, that's still cute and this one fits the bill. I love the cross strap back and the two tier ruffles. Of course the bright blue color isn't too bad either. 
  • Shorts - One of my favorite trends has to be the boyfriend jean, and the other is high waisted shorts. This pair of pants combines those two things for a modest pair of shorts that are still stylish. The dark color is great for not showing stains too. 
  • Bag - Fringe is another one of those things that's really in right now. Normally I'd add it to a tank top but this bag was too cute to pass up. 
  • Shoes - Gladiator shoes seem to be a constant summer trend from year to year. For this look I went with a basic pair that's pretty sturdy for walking. 

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