How to Can Tomatoes (making Salsa!)


Hey guys, I wanted to pop in and share a very simple canning recipe with you guys. Although I personally prefer homemade condiments and dips (take for example my vegan BBQ sauce), for this canning recipe I instead went with a remade salsa mix. I'm still perfecting one of my own, so with any luck you'll see that in the future. For now this is a general canning tomatoes guide that you can follow, and change to your liking.

When making this Salsa you can use a water bath instead of pressure canning them.  The reason is because the tomatoes are somewhat acidic and then by adding  the vinegar you  brings the acid level up enough to prevent bacteria or botulism from forming.

First wash was the tomatoes,  I used about 6 pounds here, all from my own garden. Which, not to brag or anything,  is completely organic. 
You want to peel the tomatoes so put them in boiling water for a minute or two and you will see the skins start to crack. 
Put the tomatoes into a container of cold water and you will see the peels slides off easily.
Roughly core and chop up the tomatoes
Put the chopped tomatoes into a large pot add the Salsa mix and 1/2 cup vinegar  or you can also use a recipe in one of the Ball canning books.  Per the directions boil then cook for about 10 minutes and ladle into the jars.  This made 6 pints and I was having so much fun I forgot to take pictures of me putting the salsa into the jars.
Put the jars into the water bath and per the canner instructions  instructions bring the water to a boil and boil for 40 minutes.
Turn off the heat, let set for 5 minutes then carefully using the jar lifter  put the jars on a clean towel to cool off.  leave them there for 12-24 hours and check the seals.  you will be able to tell if the jar has sealed if when pushing on the top of the lid it stays slightly depressed.  Usually as the jars are cooling you can hear the little ping sound they make as they seal. Once room temperature you're done!

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