Four Inexpensive Products to Improve Your Home

 KD Organizers™ 5-Slot Bamboo Drawer - I hadn't realized just how gross my silverware drawer was getting to be until I was sent this 5-slot bamboo drawer. I have bamboo on my floors so I'm already familiar with the durability and beauty. The light color not only brightens my drawer but the large slots easily hold all my silverware. The improvement with such a little change is amazing. 
cleaning my feet
 Footmate System - I've been loving the renovated bathroom in my house, and in a separate ( or so I thought) issue my feet have been looking pretty shabby. Most of it is due to wearing uncomfortable shoes for modeling jobs but that still isn't an excuse. This Footmate system helps put all that in the past. Along with the brush (which has suction cups on the bottom) it comes with a soap especially made for your feet. 
Liron SLEND LED Motion Sensor Light Bar - I've been looking for something so that I can more easily display my jewelry, and find it in the morning when I need it. These motion sensor lights are easy to install and have a ten foot detection range, and turns off after 30 second. The light is bright and perfect for me. 
Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder - Something you might know about me is that I love birds, not all birds (but most) and I love to watch the outside birds. We have a feeder at the edge of our yard but you can't see much more than what kind of bird is there so when Yellow Beaks offered to send me their window bird feeder I thought it would be great. And... It is. Plus this Yellow Beaks feeder is quite nice looking. 

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