Food Photos: Vegan and Trying to Become Vegan Dump

You might have seen my Platinum Hair Selfie Dump and that means it's now time for a food photo dump. First up is a vegan meal I had. The burger is one of those veggie burgers (I prefer black bean personally) some Indian bread and vegetables. Then two photos of the wonderful cake my grandmother made for my birthday. After that a picture of the cookie I was eating, normally I don't like dry cookies but this one was really good on the first row. 

Then a lemonade sort of frozen thing, followed by my grandmother's potato salad. It's absolutely wonderful, and that's coming from someone who isn't a big fan of potato salads. Actually I think it's the only one I like. I'm currently trying to recreate the vegan version of it, so I can share with you guys. Then some very good pizza and breadsticks finished with some sort of cake thing. 

The next row has a lime from my garden , then vegan potato soup (I will be sharing this recipe) and basic oatmeal. The next row has some other weird baked good, pretzels and lemonade. 

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