Book Review: Bible Stories Gone Crazy


Bible Stories Gone Crazy!
by Josh Edwards
Comically illustrated by Emiliano Migliardo

Did Noah have electric tools and cement mixers?  Did the Israelites really have surfboards?  Here's a bunch of Bible stories illustrated more crazily than you can imagine!  Can you find all the artist's jokes and deliberate mistakes?
There are 8 of the best loved bible stories illustrated in this book.  Each story has 2 full color pages with pictures of both things that are in the story  like baskets of bread and fish when Jesus feeds a Huge crowd and things that are not in the story  such as workers installing glass windows on the Ark and the 3 little pigs on the top of the city of Jericho's wall or a fireman on a ladder on the illustration of Jesus healing the man that was lowered through a roof.  The bible verses for each story are referenced and the writer has additional illustrations engaging the young mind with  8-10 questions for each story  like; how many lions are in the pit? Did Noah really paint the Ark? How many sailors - modern and old - are in the picture? I think this is a great book for parents to use  after reading the referenced bible verses.   It is  a fun way for children to learn and remember even more about these wonderful stories.  This book would be fun for children and presents  many opportunities for learning how to find objects ( there are teddy bears hidden in every story), differences in biblical times and modern times  (power tools)  while having  fun.   They will love the jokes the pictures represent and you will love the conversations and learning time spent with your child.  As a bonus the pages are thick and wipe-able with a damp cloth. 

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