6 Non-Traditional Art Supplies To Use U.S.

 US Art Supply 12ml Acrylic Tube Artist Paint Set - You might be thinking acrylic paints are pretty basic average art supplies, right after oil paints but not what I'm using them for. Awhile back I found a great old desk and have been working hard to sand stain and fix it up into a more modern piece, and these acrylic paints are going to help me with some artwork on it. 
 Clothes Pins - Since I'm not the biggest fan of the traditional easel (I have yet to find one that works) I use a whole lot of clothes pins throughout my painting process. And to finish off I like to use them as a way to hang my work, especially with more feminine pieces, the contrast is fantastic. 
Art Supply 9" x 12" Premium Manga-Marker Paper - Right now calligraphy is in. Having inspiring quotes throughout your house is the thing. With this Manga Marker Paper you can write in big thick markers with it running through the paper. 
 Flower Headbands - These flowers are of the cheaper variety but they're still very cute. I love using them as a prop in beauty photos and cut they're great for decoration. The multiple colors mean I don't have to worry about matching either. 
 Lights - There a a lot of products that look good, but you want to make them look great. I love these lights in mansion jars and for a cool effect around furniture. Although I do have the very cool Braum Tree now. 
Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic - Now for the final non traditional art supply something really cool, these polly plastics moldable plastic beads. They're very easy to use work with, simply use hot water to soften them and shape as desired you can even add your own color. 

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