Visiting the Marion County Fair

 As sort of a yearly thing I went with my friends to the Marion County Fair, compared to my county's fair it's quite small and not too much going. Funny when you consider that Marion is bigger population wise since it's Indianapolis. The weather was cool, perfect for something like my county fair outfit. Arriving we saw protesters (more on that later) and going to park was a bit of trouble because the whole place was mud, actually saw a car stuck in it. However we did find a place that was good enough and headed to the midway. Because not much was going on there we then decided to look at the crafts and such indoors because I'm not the only old lady in young person's body. 

 One thing I love about the fair is seeing all the quilting and sewing projects and getting ideas for my own future work. There are also educational things like posters that have pest spotting, warnings, and how to get rid of them. And while we were there they had a robot demonstration put on by the local high school. 
 Then I somehow ended up in the Merchants' Tent and was given a mini bible (I tried to refuse), and then happened upon a painting class that was just starting. It was a mini version of the wine and painting classes they offer in their shop, and since it was free I decided I could give it a try even if I'm not the best at art of any kind. However after twenty minutes of instruction I'm quite impressed with myself, especially since we were standing the whole time which made it a whole lot harder to paint. Actually I think something like this sans alcohol would be a great date night activity. 
 Then a picture of the vegan ice-cream I always seem to get when we go to the Marian County Fair. While eating it we sat under some tenants and watched a fire safety show for children. It was put on by a firefighter, and he had all kids of helpful tips for children between the ages of 4-12, but entertaining enough I didn't mind watching while I finished my ice-cream. He had two "helpers" in the form of black labs, that made the show especially cute. 

 After that we headed to the animal barn, a place I always have mixed feelings about. In there they had a mini animal petting zoo with a goat, guinea pigs, a lamb, piglets, and a calf. It was the end of the day and not too many people hanging around so everyone was asleep. I decided to take a few pictures. Seeing these cute animals makes it all the stranger to me that people have no problem eating them. 

Now for the especially sad part. Remember those protesters I was talking about, well they were demonstrating because there was supposed to be an elephant show later in the day, something we didn't even know about. My friends and I were leaving about show time and because the show was free we figured we could observe it. First of all the elephants had been in this tiny canopy all day, that's barely high enough. Then ten minutes before the show starts they have to go stand on these tables perfectly still. After that their trainer (a.k.a prison guard) came out and talked about how we'd see the elephants' "individual personalities" and our opinions "on these great creatures could be forever changed" After that the elephants were made to do cheap party tricks like blow on a harmonica and sit in a chair like a human before we got some very inauthentic thing about #saveourelephants and the end where they were forced to dance for everyone before taking people on rides at $7.00 a person. He even mentioned taking a Christmas photo like a family of FIVE did on one elephant. I'm not sure how much an elephant can safely carry on it's back but that seems like it'd be pushing it. Honestly the whole thing made me sick, and I wish someone had told me about the protest so I could attend. 

Overall though I had a good time at the fair, there are so many fun and educational things to do there. I just wish they would try and phase out the animal use. 

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