Very Tired, but Happy

Starting out with a blonde haired (pretty much platinum) photo, where I'm wearing my pink southern shirt that is amazingly complementary to my skin color. But this photo doesn't really have much to do with what I was going to talk about, other than the fact that you can see that I look completely wiped out, even after covering my dark circles. 

Lately I've been trying my hardest to get a blog post up everyday and for the past two weeks I've actually been able to do it. Most of these have been clothing and beauty related blog posts because the vast majority of my time is spent in summer school. I'm chemistry class (with weekly tests and horrible homework assignments that might be the death of me), as well as a seemingly pointless economics class. 

In addition to that three days of my week are spent watching two kids after I get out of class on two of the days and then the one day that I am off of class. It's kind of a funny job because, in my opinion,  they're responsible enough to watch themselves but I can't complain too much because it's easy and I can even do a bit of studying.

My favorite thing though (although taking classes now rather than later is a close second) has been the modeling I've done. Some has been print, like the Herff Jones shoot  among a few others, but I've also been doing a lot promotional work which has been more fun than I expected. 

As tired as I am, which is really tired, I love doing all of these things. I'm afraid if I didn't push myself so much I'd feel so lazy. 

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