Roundup: June 1-7 Beauty Reviews

 This week I've been super busy (and blessed) with so many beauty products to share with you guys so I figured I could do a little bit of a round up. Most of these products do have a full review on my sit that I'll link so that you can see them. I tried to separate the products up into groups to make this roundup a bit easier since it is so big. 

Facial Masks - I've reviewed two separate facial masks Zakia's Moroccan Clay powder first of all which although a pain to mix and apply has a lot of great benefits for the face especially if you have sensitive skin. Of course I also love the Pom Green Clay and Tea Mask, which is a lot easier on my skin than a typical mud mask. I just wish there was more in the bottle. 

Lotions - I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't have too much cellulite but as a female I'm not completely immune, so I'm glad that I now have the Andre Lorent Cream to help me out. I just wish I could remember to use it.  Coconut oil is a great as a natural moisturizer. Kind of on the opposite spectrum is this Adovia Ocean Breeze Sea Salt Scrub

 Masks & a Peel - Before this week I've never tried an eye mask but this week I ended up with two. The Exuviance version is quite strong and meant as an intensive treatment, but I didn't have any issues with it. The Beneleaf Collagen masks are much softer, and make me think of a spa day. The peel , a 50% Glycolic from Carbon that is perfect for things like acne scars. 

Sunscreen & Eyelashes - Especially with my new very blonde hair color I'm all about pale skin. But it isn't that easy to maintain in the summer. I'm for sure glad to have the help of this Obagi 50 SPF that's perfect for my face. Oh and that InstaLash serum is helping to grow out my eyebrows, so between the two maybe I can cosplay mother dragon. 
 I've gotten a few different accessories this week, chief among them the Baiden Mitten. This is one of those products I didn't really expect to work but I'm glad I gave it a try because it makes my skin feel so much softer without much work. Those two tweezer sets are super cute too. I love the fish one for travel, and the set of three is sure to get rid of any stubborn hair. 
Then there are the different serums I've been getting. I actually have reviewed a bunch of these but of course I'm always up for trying new ones. Vitamin C serums are amazing for repairing sun damage and making skin look and feel healthy. Hyaluronic acid serum is great for moisturizing and wrinkle reduction. 

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