Roundup: End of June Beauty Tool Reviews

Along with trying out a variety of different beauty products this month I decided I could also do a little review round up of beauty tools that I'm really loving because there are so many out there competing. I was given each of these to try out, and since taking this all together picture each one has going through testing to see just how good it is. 
  • Effenfine Tweezer Set - Finding the proper tweezer to get specific hair out isn't easy. Often instead of pulling out a hair it'll clip the hair, or break it meaning I'll be back in the same spot in a few days. This EffenFine set has three different tweezers each in a durable metal so you know you'll find a winner. 
  • Natural Loofa - I'm so used to plastic loofas like my principessa one that I when these natural loofas were offered to me I didn't exactly know what they were. However now that I've tried them, I love them. They lather well, feel nice on my skin and I love the pad on the back so they're easy to hold. 
  • Rollerballs & Lotion Sticks - As I get more and more into essential oils like peppermint I've become interested in making my own mini perfumes and lotions. Buying these small packs of empty rollerballs and lotion sticks is a great way to make my product look more legit even if it's just for me. 
  • Kojac Sponge - Cleaning my face is something I always forget to do. By the time I go to bed I'm just ready. However with a Kojac Sponge its actually pleasant to wash my face so its easier to remember to do. Plus the charcoal absorbs so much.
  • Clearline Clippers - Has anyone every used  nail clippers that pull instead of cut, because I have and its terrible. Not only are these Clearline Clippers great at their intended job but they also have a cute design. 
  • Aurora Sky tweezers - Sometimes you just need a utilitarian tweezer to pluck your eyebrows. For me this Aurora Sky tweezer is great for throwing into my purse and not having to worry about until I need it. It's perfect for thicker hairs. 

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