Review: Faces Beautiful Brush on Foundation

As I've mentioned many times often I don't wear makeup. I'm not a fantastic at application, at least compared to the makeup artists I've been lucky enough to work with (like on my Heff Jones Shoot), so when I do my makeup it's often just a bit of foundation or bb cream, and a little mascara. That's why when Faces Beautiful sent me their foundation I was so excited to receive it, because I knew if I loved it I'd be using it a lot. 

Alright so on the outside it looks like your average BB cream take for example Maybelline BB Cream . It has a silver tube design with a cute pink lid. The font offers basic information about the product. Once you take off the lid though you can see what's different about this mineral makeup, the brush. I've never seen any other foundation with an attached brush and I have to say getting the hang of using it was tricky. You have to squeeze to get the makeup out, it then goes into the bristles and then apply from there. 

Verdict: I love the idea behind the Faces Beautiful Brush on Mineral Makeup Foundation. Its great to have a brush to help you evenly apply makeup, but getting the correct amount out isn't an easy task. That being said the formula is fantastic. It offers a lot of coverage without caking, and this is something I will continue to use. 

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