Review: EV Beauty Flat Iron

I've got hair with a bit of natural kink to it. A few years ago (maybe more than that), stick straight hair  was the norm so this meant straightening my hair every day. As much as I liked the Definition Series Flat Iron it had a few issues, and was getting quite old and worn from lots of service. So when the people over at EV Beauty offered to send me one of their flat irons to try out of course I said yes. 

This arrives via amazon (free shipping if you have prime!) and just like every other Amazon product I've gotten I can't complain about anything to do with delivery. When I saw this EV Beauty box, I immediately knew this was going to be a flat iron I'd like. I didn't know just how much I'd like it though. 

Like most electrical products the first step to getting them to work is plugging it in. From there, you can switch the on/off lever to on and adjust the heat. The Ev spin wheel goes from its lowest setting at 140 degrees (fahrenheit) all the way up to 450. Because my hair takes a lot of abuse I like it at about 300, maybe 350 if it's going to be a humid day. 

Verdict: I'm so happy with this Pro Line Straightener that EV Beauty sent to me. It's lightweight, very functional and looks so chic. It takes the curl right out of my hair leaving behind, smooth soft and straight tresses, without damage, and quickly too. Finish off with some of my old Brocato products and I've got beautiful hair for days. 

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