Review: BeautyOils Co Pure Camellia Oil

Previously I've reviewed BeautyOils Co Rosehip Oil as well as the BeautyOils Co Pomegranate Seed Oil and was very impressed with both of the products. So when BeautyOils Co offered to send me another one of their 100% pure oils I immediately said yes. I have to admit though that I didn't know anything about Camellia oil, I'd never even heard of it let alone know what it it'd be used for. 

Like a lot of the beauty products that I get this Camellia came from amazon. Inside the normal shipping box it has a pretty red box stating that it's a Californian product. The bottle it a hard dark brown plastic and has a very convenient push down lid. Across the middle is a white label that says this is 2 fl oz and has the BeautyOils Co. name across it. 

To use apply 1-2 drops to dry skin, or areas that are prone to being dry. It's barely has a fragrance and is clear in color. Of course I love that because there is no risk of color deposit. It does take a bit to absorb into the skin, leaving a bit of a shine behind but no oily feeling. Once it did completely absorb I was quite happy with the moisture which is very long lasting. 

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