Review: Ageless Derma Eye Gel

Of course because of my work, and because I'm a female I'm all about keeping prevention, protection and reduction when it comes to aging. So when I was offered this age-defying life and bright eye gel I was immediately interested. Even more so because I loved the Ageless Derma Pressed Mineral Foundation as well as the Ageless Derma Stem Cell Moisturizer, so of course I already had high hopes for this anti-aging product. 

Alright so like a lot of other beauty products I review you can order this Ageless Derma product off of Amazon, which is very convenient and has a whole lot of benefits. Inside the shipping box there is the trademark Ageless Derma trademark box. The bottle has a similar label around the middle a clear plastic cap and a push down lid. Inside the product is a clear white and thick liquid feel. 

At first I was a little put off by how much thinner than other eye gels that I've tried this is, for example Adovia Mineral Eye Gel, but after trying it out I changed my mind. It's easier to apply absorbs faster and is great for puffy eyes and dark circles.  

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