Outfit: Overexposed Simple Pink Summer Look

 Sunglasses (similar) / Top / Shorts / Shoes c/o Gold Pigeon / Rings c/o Bellux 

I keep promising better outfit photos, and I'm meaning to do it, but with school and my ever increasing modeling workload its hard. By the time I remember that I need to take a picture of what I'm wearing it's starting to get dark (hence the poor lighting) and I don't have time to pull out my good camera and tripod. So I have someone nearby snap a few photos on my phone, sometimes this will turn out well, like my White Summer Dress Outfit but most of the time they end up more like these. #overexposed 

Sunglasses - I actually did a blog post on these sunglasses all the way back in November. They've got a sturdy wood and plastic frame , and more importantly pink lenses. They're young and fun without looking cheap or too over the top. 

Top - Speaking of top, I've had this shirt forever, and love it just as much as when I got it. The button down front makes it feel more dressy (as do the little embroidery details), and with it's light weight feel and color I can wear it without being uncomfortable in the heat. 

Shorts  - I always have such a problem with summer pants. On the one hand I want to be completely free and wear something like high waisted shorts  but on the other I want something that's a bit more modest. These shorts meet in-between with comfort style, and a completely covered bum. 

Shoes - Now about these things on my feet. Whenever I wear average flip-flops they're uncomfortable , damage quite quickly, and I can't keep them on my feet so I had sort of written them off. However when Gold Pigeon offered to send me a pair I figured I could give it a shot. Not only are they cute (as you can probably see) they're also extremely comfortable, better than tennis shoes. 

Rings - I've never been one to want to buy expensive diamonds because of brands like Bellux, who make such good mocks. The three connected ring design is hot right now, and they have a shiny most wedding rings would envy. 


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