Organization Update, My Bedroom

 I've been pretty busy with the end of semester school stuff (luckily I did well) so I'm sorry I haven't been updating you guys much! I did want to show how I've changed up my room since my last room tour. Most of my bedroom is still the same as it was, but there are a few things I've updated that although easy fixes have made a huge difference. 

The first is my new "office space". Previously I've considered getting rid of my keyboard and placing a desk in the sitting area outside of my room but I didn't really want to part with it. So instead I decided to do a little work area on my wooden chest that I made. I have my computer and a large pillow on one side and then beauty products on the other. 
 Now, for something I'm a bit ashamed of, how my closet used to look. I've always talked about how great it is to have clothing organized by color, and while that's true I was missing something really big. The hangers. I had cheap plastic ones (for many convenience reasons) and they looked terrible, all different colors and sizes. So I decided to change them out with a little help from the people at BriUSA they sent me a variety of different hanger styles and colors to try out and I love them all. Some are heart shape (perfect for keeping an accessory with your outfit) and others are plain velvet and some a colorful plastic. Each have a metal top hanger. I love how it looks now (pictured above). 
 Alright now this is a bit messy looking but that's mostly because this wall in my closet is so hard to photograph. I was given eight different sticky backed hooks and had the perfect place. My old system for hanging scarfs had broken (it did last quite awhile) and I needed something new. These command hooks were perfect. On a few I put BriUSA heart shaped hangers and hung scarfs and belts, and the rest I used to hang a few of my more moderately priced bags. Hanging them makes it so much easier to see what I have and that means I'm more likely to use it. 
 Thanks again Bri USA and Mysonder for giving me your cool products!

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