Loreal Walmart Beauty Promotion

 Back when I was a brunette (it wasn't that long ago) I did an in store beauty promotion for Loreal. When I was contacted for this event I immediately said yes, because 1. the locations are very convenient, 2. I've actually colored my hair myself 3. And this might be the most important Loreal doesn't test on animals, so I can represent them without any issue. Plus for such an easy gig the pay was good, and that's always hard to pass up. But about the event. 

 After arriving at the Walmart, my first day was on Friday afternoon, and then two dates on Saturday I checked in via the mobile site of the company I was doing the promotion through. My Friday event didn't have the proper material for me to do my demo so I got to leave early but my Saturday demo did. To get it I had to go to the beauty area of the store, find that manager and then go to the back (sort of a creepy place in Walmart) and then find a white envelope with a pink sticker. The envelope wasn't that noticeable and I'm not surprised the first store didn't find it. 

 Inside the envelope was a very pretty Loreal Paris black shopping bag with gold lettering. It was to hold the information packets I was passing out. The packets overall weren't too bad, they had dye suggestions and stuff, but the coupons included were terrible. You had to buy two to use it and the discount wasn't that much. It's hard enough to get someone to buy one of a product they haven't tried forget two. Luckily there wasn't any sort of sales quota and I was just going from the hair dye to the shampoos talking to people and passing out the booklets. 

 Here's the outfit that I was required to wear. All black, hair down and makeup done. They wanted us to have shoulders covered but I thought a three inch tank sleeve was good enough, or else I'd look like a ninja. Below are some of the very tempting hair dyes that were calling to me when I was there. 

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