June Baby Favorites (and mini reviews!)


Baby things aren't usually something that I talk about but lately I've had the opportunity to review quite a few so I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you guys. All of these products vary a bit, but overall I'd say that they're for children under a year old. They're all avalible on amazon, which is a great way to buy a variety of products. 

1.  Key West Car Seat Cover - The weather is getting hot and the sunny days are abound. This sounds great, but for a lot of people, especially babies this isn't exactly true. This car seat cover has a cute chevron design and a soft inside and an attachment clip to keep it in place. 

2.  Baby Mattress Protector - Mattresses are expensive. For adults this is over a ten year time so it isn't so bad, but crib mattresses have a problem lasting so long because of a variety of messes on them. This baby mattress protector from Soph Care is inexpensive and lightweight and works well. 

3. Baby More Wrap - One of my favorite things to see is a mother carrier her child using a wrap like the Baby More Co wrap. It's more convenient and lighter than a carrier. This one is soft comfortable and durable. 

4. Bri USA Hangers - I talked about Bri USA Hangers when I reorganized my bedroom  and I loved them. So when they sent me the kid's size I thought it was great. These hangers are just as durable as the adult version, come if fun colors and are a great addition to baby supplies. 

5.  Genie Best Teething Rings - In the past I've seen a variety of different teething rings and they're all  a hard plastic and I always thought how uncomfortable they are. These genie best teething rings are made out of silicone which is fantastic. It makes them hypo allergenic and much more comfortable for a baby's mouth. 

6.  Speed Cube - Rubrics Cubes tend to be thought of as a toy for older children, but with this cube that doesn't have to be true. Instead of stickers it has colored blocks making it way more durable, and since everything twists easily it's a great way to work on motor skills. 

7. Polar Gel Pillow - Sleeping in the summer can be quite hard for adults and children, and this polar gel pillow makes it a bit easier. It goes into a pillowcase (or under bottom shit of a crib) and has a gel that distributes heat evenly throughout it for a cool feeling. 

8.  Genie Best Bath Tub Organizer - Kids' toys are so much fun, and often very cute. The problem is that leaving them out can be quite messy. This bath tub organizer can keep toys in a common place in the tub (suction cups keep it on the wall) and has ventilation to keep moisture from holding. 

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