How to Wear Gladiator Heels


I've done so many summer date outfits over the past little while, like a formal date, modest day date, and an in-between date  just to name a few. So when I saw a few of these pieces I really wanted to put together another outfit, if not a date night outfit than just a going out. However I didn't want to be too bothersome with yet another one of those outfit, but luckily I thought of the perfect solution, a guide to wearing Gladiator Heels. Gladiator shoes in general have been on trend all spring and going into summer and can be a bit tricky to wear. 

  • Top - White tops can be a bit hard to see ( I mean it is against a white background) but this feminine crop top had to be a part of this outfit. It has an eyelet fabric and high neckline making it elegant and very girly.
  • Skirt - As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I had to make an outfit with it. It reminds me of a fancy BCBG skirt. The full pleated cut it has gives the look a bit of a retro vibe while the lilac color and black (slimming might I add!) waistband is all modern. 
  • Lacquer - Because this outfit is a little feminine heavy with a very pretty shirt and bottoms I thought that adding black nail polish would be a good contrast without going overboard. It helps tie into the more edgy shoes.
  • Shoes - Gladiator sandals are something that I always think of as "Jesus Shoes" these heels however speak a little more towards Colosseum Wear and I absolutely love them.  All the straps and the buckles are fun without being too much. 

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