Gifts for my Cousin's Baby Shower

 Awhile back you might remember that I hosted my cousin's baby shower, she's since had her baby (he's healthy and quite cute). Around the time she gave birth my cousin's brother (obviously my cousin too) and his wife announced they're pregnant with their second child. Since tomorrow is the baby shower day, they're having it pretty early,  so I figured I could share what I'm getting them and do a mini guide.  

Because this is their second child, it was more of a celebration than a way to get gifts and such. They didn't even have a baby gift registry but of course I had to get them something anyways. The theme was 'At the Beach' which I sort of stuck to. 
 Zubels Rattle - Baby toys are right up there on the cute scale with baby clothes. Then you get to this rattle and it blows the scale. It's a soft, knit rattle perfect for babies. They have a ton of different ones at Zubugs, but I'm especially into the insect line. 
 Enlightened Ambience Gift Set - Normally baby showers are all about the baby but often forgotten is the mother. For my cousin's wife I decided to get her a gift set that went with her beach theme. This Enlightened Ambience Gift Set fit the bill perfectly. It has two large candles, and twelve smaller ones. Then there is a set of rubber ducks a shovel, pouf and the collapsible beach bucket I put everything in.  It really is a well priced pampering set and the candles smell so good. 
Savvy Baby Stroller Organizer - I think a  stroller organizer should be on any baby shower list. They just make life a whole lot easier. This one is especially cute because it has polka dot straps. Plus it's the only one I've seen that has a place for headphones. 

Baby Stache Kissable Baby Pacifier - I'm all about cute novelty items which is just what this pacifier is. I've seen other baby mustache products but this one is by far the best. I love the fake overdone lips and that it's BPA free. 

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