EnjoyingTea 6 Tea Gift Set with Reviews

I'm a huge fan of tea. Since I don't drink coffee it's kind of a go to for me during the mornings as well as on cold winter days, and of course since I'm a student it's perfect for late night studying. So when I heard about EnjoyingTea I was immediately interested. They have all kinds of different tea related products available, like any imaginable kettle and more tea varieties than I knew existed. Well they offered to send me one of their gift sets to to review. 

Keemum Black Tea - Also known as Qihong this tea. This is a light black tea, that has notes of floral and malty taste. It brews a dark copper. Great with dark chocolate. After trying it I can see why it's one of the most popular varieties. 

Earl Grey Black Tea - I used to watch an old television show where they'd always drink earl grey tea, so one day I decided to try it. I wasn't impressed. The fission in this set is better than what I'd previously had but it's still not my favorite. 

Roasted Mate Chai - This is a tea known for its health benefits. It has cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla, and cardamom. I love how this tastes, like a stronger version of the dandelion tea I reviewed.

Jasmine Green Tea - Jasmine Blossoms are beautiful flowers, and they make a great tea. It's great for after a heavy meal or throughout the day, and is the most popular of flower teas in Asia. 

Oolong Tea - This is a traditional Chinese tea. It's known for it's use as a detox tea and after using it I felt the effects. 

Vanilla Rooibos - This is a caffeine free that brews red and is originally from Madagascar. It is one of the best smelling and tasting teas I've had. 

Verdict: I think this EnjoyingTea gift set is great. It comes with a variety of loose leaf teas that are great. I love being able to try something without having to commit. Perfect Christmas gift for a family member or old friend. 

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