Ecco Bella Review + Swatches

 Although more often than not I look like I did in my Fitness Friday post  I really do love makeup. Not only does it make me look pretty but it also is so fun to wear. So of course when the people over at Ecco Bella offered to send me a few of their products to try out of course I said yes. Looking at their site I saw a multitude of gorgeous products, so it took me quite awhile to decide on my my pick of two eyeshadows and a blush. 

Eventually I did make my decision, Star Shimmer Dust, Brown Powdered Eyeliner, and Coral Rose Blush. They arrived in individual tins, and along with them came three Ecco Bella reusable compacts. The compacts are a matte black with a with a cool texture, and white lettering. To keep them closed they have a black elastic band. Each compact holds two products, and has a mirror on the opposite side. 
Now for the swatches. On the left is the Star Shimmer dust. It's very similar to One Directions More Than This , very light and girly but not very opaque. In the middle is Ecco Bella's Powdered Eyeliner in brown. Man do I love this, for me its easier to apply than a traditional stick eyeliner and dark enough that it can pass for the real thing. Then there's the Coral Rose Blush on the end. It's an orangish pink, blush that's absolutely gorgeous. You're going to want to use a light hand when applying because it's very pigmented. 

Verdict: I'm very happy with each of the makeup products I was given by Ecco Bella. They are long wear, and have beautiful colors. The compacts are quite nice too. They have a high quality look and are great for carrying in a purse. 

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