Caturday: Bath Time Pictures



As Cricket's getting older she seems to be getting worse and worse at giving herself baths so I am forced to give her a weekly one, I guess that's just what happens when you get a used cat. It's actually not too big of a deal, shut the bathroom door (with her inside of course) get the water warm, and then find her hiding inside of the cabinet. After pulling her out just put her in the water. After that it's pretty basic, she doesn't try and get out, or attack me. She just gives these pitiful looks that I of course had to photograph and share. 

And now to share a few products I'm using. 

The Growpetz deshedding tool for dogs and cats - When this arrived I was immediately impressed with the fact that it has three different brushes I can use. Using the deshedding tool on my long haired cat, I expected it too pull at her fur, a big problem I've had with other brushes, but she actually liked being brush. More exciting was how much fur I was able to get off of her in such a short time. 

Dancing Pet Shampoo - I'm not sure that I should admit this but most of the time I've been using my own shampoo whenever I wash either my dog or cat. So many pet shampoos are expensive, don't smell good and don't do much for cleaning. I am however very happy with the Dancing Pet Shampoo.  It lathers well, rinses out easily and is safe around Cricket's eyes.

Genie Best Travel Pet Bowls - Now a bit on a different track but I though that since I was already talking about pet things, with bathing Crickets I could show you these travel bowls. They're durable, have cute prints, and are very convenient for long trips. 

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