Book Review: Called For Life

Called for Life
by Kent & Amber Brantly
with David Thomas

How Loving Our Neighbor Led Us into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic

"When I knelt next to Teresa on that rainy June night outside our hospital I told myself that everything was about to change. I had no idea the extent of that truth. But one thing has not changed: our desire to live faithful to God's calling"

Just months after Dr. Kent Brantly arrived in Liberia with his wife, Amber and their two children, the Ebola virus erupted in West Africa. Kent and his colleagues began to fight one of the most horrifying and deadly infectious diseases on earth, only to see patient after patient die. Then after six weeks of intense battle to help others survive, Kent woke up one July morning with a fever. Three days later his diagnosis was confirmed: Ebola.

Kent knew his life was at stake. He also knew Amber, family members and friends were praying desperatly. What he didn't know was that his case would make international headlines as he was evacuated to Atlanta, becoming the first person with Ebola in the United States. He didn't know he would be the center of a media firestorm of debate, questions, and fears. And he didn't know that his faith would inspire people around the world to trust in a faithful God.

Verdict: I remember when Ebola was all over the news in West Africa, and every week the updated body count on news sites would grow larger. Then two Americans were diagnosed with the disease. I followed through hoping and praying for them. From what I had seen about Dr. Kent he seemed like an amazing person (plus he is originally from Indiana), so I was interested in reading his book. Reading Called for Life gave a huge appreciation for heath care workers, and the interesting perspective of Amber Brantly. 

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