A Week of Fresh 'n Lean

A few weeks ago the people over at Fresh 'n Lean offered to send me a week's worth of their meal plan to try out. At first I thought it was going to be some sort of fast fad diet plan (like weight watchers) but I figured I might as well take a better look and was immediately impressed. All of the meals are 100% vegan, all natural (with no processed foods or artificial ingredients), made from scratch, and completely organic. Plus they deliver it to your house anywhere in the U.S. with free shipping. Literally my meal dream.

Speaking of shipping though I'm sure you guys are a little curious how exactly it comes to a home because I was. It was surprisingly easy. It came via USPS overnight, in a big cardboard box with the Fresh 'n Lean name and logo on it. Inside that was a foam container with freeze packs and my weeks worth of meals inside. Above you can see exactly what that looks like. Plastic black containers with individual meals inside and a clear wrap over the top. Everything looked amazing. 
Here's a week's meal plan that I pulled off the Fresh 'n Lean website. As you can see it goes Monday through Sunday and has breakfast through lunch, so if you don't want to worry about any of your meals they've got it covered. If you do want to make some of your meals though they do have options for things like just lunch or five days a week which is awesome. The menu changes weekly so you aren't going to be having the same thing, though I wouldn't mine a few repeats. 

Heres's pictures of the food I had. There were two muffins for different breakfasts which were both very good. Granola for more  breakfast, and a few different dinner/lunch options. Two food items are missing pictures because my father took them. He took one by "accident" (or so he says) for lunch one day, heated it up (very easy to do with their storage containers) and ate it. I of course scolded him when he told me, but that didn't stop him from taking another a few days later. So if you wanted to see what those were, I'm sorry. Anyways. I did have a very picky friend of my try a few of these meals out with me and his favorite was the lentils while mine was the chickpeas. I have to say though we didn't have any options we didn't like, everything was great, especially surprising since vegan and organic/natural food can be quite bland. 
Oh and if you just want one individual Fresh n' Lean product that's a possibility too. You can check out all their food at https://www.freshnlean.com  

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