5 Vegan Food Staples in the Kitchen

 PB Fit - When I first received this Peanut Butter I was a bit confused and thought it would be terribly hard to do, and pointless. As soon as I looked at the ingredient difference though, I changed my mind. PB Fit only has peanuts, salt and sugar. Plus it's GMO-Free. The regular version has weird things like hydrogenated vegetable oil, dextrose and monoglycerides. Plus PB Fit is easy, just add the recommended amount of water and it tastes just as good. 
 Sunny Day Organics Vanilla Bean Powder - Although I'm not a baking expert I'm always interested in something that can improve my favor. Using vanilla bean powder instead of the liquid version brings out the taste better, making my german short breads all the better. And I think it's more environmentally friendly, why pay to ship liquid.
 Tea Love Co Slender Blend - Something you might have noticed from my Fitness Friday blog posts is that I'm trying to get in shape. One thing that's been helping me feel more active is this Tea Love Co Slender Blend, plus it tastes great.  It is a loose tea which I personally prefer because I can pick just how strong I want it to be. 
 Fiji Mana Coconut Oil - Something that's in a lot of my vegan recipes is coconut oil. Its an amazing replacement for butter that tastes just as good and is healthier. Since getting this coconut oil that is pressed in the Fiji Islands I've even started using it as a tea sweetener. 
 BioFinest Shea Butter - I've always loved shea butter as a lotion. It smells great, absorbs well into my skin and actually makes it feel softer long term. However it is also a great baking ingredient. BioFinest is Ivory in color (this is better) and 100% unrefined. 
HannahMax Baking Cookie Chips - I'm normally not one for little hard cookies, also known as cookie chips but these guys from HannahMax are great. They come in a variety of flavors, don't have any artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives or trans fats either. They're so addictive that I had to add them to my food staples in the kitchen because you should always have them around.  

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