5 Fun Gifts to get for Kids

Velocity Bike - Many kids learn to ride a bike around the age of 6. Before that the skills just haven't developed and riding can be dangerous which is too bad considering all of the benefits. Balance bikes try and bridge the gap for children 3-6. Getting this Velocity Bike assembled was very easy and the colors they have available are so cute. 
Picnic Blanket - When I received this picnic blanket from Commerce Solutions, I assumed it was just a big fuzzy flannel blanket. After opening it up though, I realized that wasn't the case. It is nicely folded and stays that way thanks to velcro which is a very nice feature. Even better than that though is that on the underside of this picnic blanket is hard. This keeps the top side from getting dirty and makes it a perfect play blanket. 
NASA Patch - This is a great present for any kid that love math science or engineering. The embroidery is done well, I didn't see any mistakes, and each of the colors are vibrant and similar to the actually NASA logo. Plus since it's iron on application isn't going to be a problem. And their inexpensive making them perfect for stocking stuffers. 
Find It Dinosaurs Edition - A great pass time that's been around for ages is the Find It tubes. This Dinosaur Edition is perfect for young children who need to be occupied, on things like long car rides, sermons, and doctors visits. This dino version has different activities, like finding the largest that are a lot of fun. Plus it's lightweight and takes being dropped like a champ. 
Nancy Drew Sea of Darkness - Previously I reviewed Nancy Drew Labyrinth of Lies so I was very excited to get to try out Sea of Darkness. In this game you solve puzzles and interrogate suspects as you retrace the steps of the missing captan, and master tasks dating back to the 1700s. There are different difficulty. A great present for girls (and boys) 10 and up. 

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