5 Cheap Gifts for Men

I've had a lot of experience buying gifts for men. I'm the type of person that will completely stress out about what to buy for someone, you know trying to get something that's not too expensive (that might say the wrong thing), or too tacky (that would also say the wrong thing) but it also has to be personal or else there isn't really a point. To help will all of this decision making and stress that goes into buying presents for men, because it is a lot harder then finding things for women, I picked five favorites to share. 
Asia's Most Revered Teas Pack - As an American I think the favorite hot drink is coffee, however people usually either drink coffee or they don't but that isn't the case for tea. Everyone seems to like to drink it at least sometimes. This set includes five different tea varieties, each with two, from countries famous for tea, as well as some information about the tea. 
Amare Terra Shoe Odor Eliminator - This present is kind of a funny one but absolutely necessary for some of the guys I know. This Amare Terra product is is a great subtle reminder (similar to beard oil) for something a man in your life might have trouble remembering. Amare Terra does a great job of making an all natural product that works well at getting rid of STRONG odors. 

Combat Grips by HC Gamerlife - I'm a bit of a boy in the fact that I love my Xbox. Of course I don't get to play it as often as I like but I've still had the chance to enjoy these combat grips. Every guy (and girl) that's used them has loved them too, because they make close combat, think Grand Theft Auto and Halo, so much easier. Perfect small present for that gamer boy. 
 EYLO Multifunction Safety Hammer - For the man that's prepared for everything. For me this was the perfect present for my grandfather. It has an LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter, window breaker, USB port, emergency flashers and a hand cranking charging system. Basically anything you could need in an emergency. 
RFID Blocking Sleeves - Alright I know that this these are floral print but I added them anyways. They're a great very cheap present that have a ton of different designs, and perfect for the more cautious guy. It keeps your card from being read, and stolen. 

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