Well this is the end (of Spring 2015)

Well, since I take my last final in an hour or so I guess this means I'm done with my classes this semester. Per usual I have summer classes, a lot this time around, but because of how it's set up, I don't mind. Because I switched schools, worked quite a bit on my "career" and had a few dramatic things happen I think I've grown a lot in this semester and learned a lot about other people and myself. 

First and foremost the biggest thing I've learned is that you can't count on anyone but yourself. This goes from small things like asking people for help when you really need it, and they either do poorly or don't even bother, or bigger things. Someone isn't likely to help you unless they're getting something out of it for themselves, and if they are getting something, you have to ask yourself if it's worth them helping you, and what you'll lose. 

Kind of contradictory but I've also learned that sometimes you just have to ask. If you want something and don't say anything you'll never get it. Apply for that dream job, or school that you want to get into, what is it going to hurt? 

Last but not least I've learned is about myself. I tend to get discouraged and freeze up when there's a lot of stress in my life, and it doesn't do any good. I need to start putting my whole self into what I want. 

*Hat is the same one from my Easter Egg Hunt Day, and the hair was made pretty thanks to those Dessange Paris hair products

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