Review: Swiss Ionic Beauty Massager

I know it's irrational at my age but I'm terribly afraid of wrinkles. Due to my line of "work" I have to worry about aging more than your average person, and I'm just a female. Unfortunately wrinkles aren't something that's nice on a lady though some men look great with them and I'm always on the lookout for a way to ward them off. So when I was offered the Swiss Ultimate Ionic Sonic-Ionic Infusion Wrinkle Eraser of course I said yes. 

It arrives packaged quite nicely in a thick dark blue box. On the front is a product picture and white labeling saying that this is an Ionic Eye Beauty Massager and underneath that something in Japanese. The top of the box pulls up and underneath is the Swiss Ionic product cushioned in a velvet material. The only assembly is putting in a AAA battery in the bottom.

Using is super easy. First apply your favorite serum, I like AzureNaturals Retinol, without rubbing in. Then put the Swiss Ionic Beauty Massager to your face and it will immediately start lightly vibrating. This will help absorb into your skin using net ionic flow to push treatments deeper. 

Verdict: After using this for a week under my eyes I've already noticed less dark circles, and less puffy skin when I wake up. It's easy to use this Swiss Ionic Wrinkle eraser, and it feels quite pleasant too. 

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