Review: Sieva InstaLash Lash Growth Serum

In the past I've had eyelash extensions done as well has have worn more than a few pairs of false eyelashes . These both have their faults so of course I was interested when Sieva offered for me to send me their lash growth serum called InstaLash. However I found an even better use for these. 

Because I already have fairly nice lashes I though that the perfect use for this InstaLash product would be to use on my eyebrows so that I can make them even thicker. It comes from Amazon, and inside the shipping box has a white container. Inside that is a tube with the Instalash and Sievea name on the front. It has a twist off cap and an applicator brush. To use I just applied daily for thirty days. I found it to be a bit thick, so I applied it at night where it did absorb into my skin. 

Verdict: After thirty days I'm already very happy with this InstaLash lash (and eyebrow) growth serum. Although the differences aren't huge they are quite noticeable and getting them wasnt hard at all. 

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