Review: Carbon Glycolic 50% Peel

Thanks to the fact that I use a lot of sunscreen (loving babyganics right now) my skin is pretty good. I do have to say though that in the past I've had trouble with acne. It isn't so much that I'd get a lot of pimples but whenever I did I would of course have to pick at them or pop them which is absolutely the worst thing you can do. So when I was given the chance to review a glycol 50% peel of course I took Carbon skincare up on it. 

Alright so this is an Amazon product. You do everything from browsing to ordering and it's even shipped by amazon to your house. I personally like all of this because it means super easy returns. It comes in a white package with black lettering. Inside is a glass bottle in dark brown and a white label with more dark lettering. The dispenser is one of the dropper types. 

To use simply apply to skin and leave on for roughly two minutes. If you have irritation then wash off immediately and stop use. After the two minutes wash off with water, and then a light soap. It can be used once a week.

Verdict: Previously I've used Dr. Song's Lactic Acid Peel so I figured it would be about the same sort of thing for this Glycolic 50% Peel from Carbon. It has the same basic directions, but it is actually different. I do like it and think even after first using it my skin already looks good. 

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