Review: Beneleaf Collagen Eye Masks

Maybe it's because I'm a female and maybe it's because of the business I'm in but I'm always worried about premature aging. Of course the biggest thing I can do is wear sunscreen (like babyganics)but sometimes I forget, and honestly I doubt it is enough so when I was offered collagen eye masks to review from Beneleaf of course I said yes.

Yet another amazon product shipped via the Amazon warehouse, not a bad trend I have going since it's completely hassle free. These come in a plastic case with a sliver ribbon around the middle and sliver lettering. Inside are five sets of masks. On one side of the package there are directions. Oh and sorry for the hard to see pictures, it's hard to photograph shiny things.

To use of course you're first going to have to open up the package (after cleaning your face which is pretty normal for these types of products). Then place the strips under the eye. They are moist, and feel very cool going on. Leaving them on for the recommended 15 minutes was a bit hard

As you an probably see the eye masks did shift down my face a bit (I also have on a green tea mask) but they are easy to push up. After removing them there was a bit of moisture under them but I just left it there. The Beneleaf Collagen Eye Masks made my skin feel really smooth and moisturized and calmed down some of the issues I was having. 

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