Review: The Baiden Mitten

When it comes to skin care I'm up for trying almost anything. Of course I say almost because I'm not really willing to try anything that could potentially hurt my skin. Of course this Baiden Mitten that I was offered to review doesn't fit into that category so of course I was interested in trying it. Especially since I've been looking for a good exfoliator.

Alright so this comes from amazon, which is good for a variety of reasons. Inside the normal shipping box is a thin cardboard piece. There is a woman on the front as well as a few facts about the product. Opening this is a bit hard as the back is very sticky, however I eventually did get it. There is a mitt and directions inside.

To use first wash the mitt, make sure you've been properly hydrated for the day. Then use right after showering. Simply put on the mitt on and then rub over skin. After just going over my skin a few times with the Baiden Mitt, my skin felt a whole lot softer. I found the mitt to be easy to use (especially compared to things like the exfoliating facial scrub) and the results aren't bad at all. 

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