Review: Andre Lorent Cellulite Creme

Luckily I'm not someone that has a whole bunch of cellulite. As I've gotten older though and my body is a bit different I have realized that there is a little bit of cellulite that I have on my thighs. Of course I'm not at all happy about this and have done dry brushing (with not too much difference) to try and get rid of it. So when I was contacted by the people over at Andre Lorent to review their Crazy Beautiful Cellulite Creme of course I said yes.

Alright to be honest this is one of those products that was just kind of sent to me so I'm not exactly sure how to get it. It did arrive packaging nicely in a thick brown box with padding on the inside. It has a greenish blue box that's a soft cardboard. It has white lettering on it with some information. The tub itself is white with that same lettering style.

To use simply apply after showering like any normal lotion to problem areas. This lotion has a similar consistency to Spa Tech but didn't really have a scent. I've noticed a difference already in problem areas, now the hard task is just remembering to use it. 

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