Review: Adovia Ocean Breeze Scrub

I'm all about having wonderful skin. Of course there are preventative measures like using my wasabi cleanser  and sometimes just simple soap but of course that isn't going to be enough. Getting rid of dead skin is also a great way to improve your complexion and still elasticity. So when I was given the chance to try out Adovia's Dead Sea Salt Scrub, of course I said yes. 

It comes via amazon, either from the Adovia company or from the Amazon warehouse. The one you pick will probably depend on if you have prime or not. It comes in a big plastic tub just like the exfoliating facial scrub, however this salt is blue as it is their ocean breeze variety. Of course I'm excited about that since I have yellow undertones, and if there's something to help me get rid of them of course I'll take it. 

Verdict: These salt pieces are a bit smaller than I was expecting which is a good thing because it makes them that much more gentle. The Ocean Breeze scent is great and using this salt scrub actually helps my skin. 

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